Meditation Made Easy

Say good-bye to distractions & racing thoughts with real-time biofeedback.
How it works

Biofeedback Helps You Find Calm

Muse is a brain-sensing headband that uses real-time biofeedback to help you refocus during the day and recover overnight.

Soothing nature sounds respond to changes in your brain & body activity in real-time to help you find calm focus. After each session, see your results & track your progress.

Muse connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Once connected, simply start the Muse Meditation app, put on your headphones, and close your eyes. Once your session is complete, you can review your results and track your progress.


  1. Put on your Muse & headphones.
  2. Pair your Muse to the Muse App.
  3. Start your session, take a deep breath & close your eyes while you listen to your biofeedback guide.
  4. Record any notes, review your results & track your progress.
Get in the zone

Active, Neutral, and Calm

Muse will help you see how your focus changed during your session. Monitoring changes and trends over time in each state helps you to track your progress.


Wandering attention. This is time spent with a distracted mind where attention was fluctuating.


Your mind in it's natural resting state. Attention isn't fluctuating, but there is also no deep focus present.


Deep restful focus on your breath. These are moments when you've been fully focused on your breath.
What it Measures

Muse Measures Your Brain & Body Activity

Muse is a research-grade brain fitness tool that passively measures brain signals much like a heart rate monitor senses your heartbeat.

Muse’s 7 finely calibrated EEG sensors – 2 on the forehead, 2 behind the ears plus 3 reference sensors – detect and measure the activity of your brain. Muse's PPG sensor measures your heart rate and accelerometer and gyroscope help measure body activity and movement.

Little Pod, Big Results

We've packed a lot of tech into a lightweight, rechargeable and removable Pod with 10 hours of continuous battery life for daytime and overnight wear.

Forget-its-there Comfort

Made from plush, breathable fabric, Muse S combines award-winning biofeedback and forget-it’s-there comfort, Muse S is our most comfortable Muse ever. With stretch fabric that is travel-friendly, Muse S is our most comfortable Muse ever—so comfortable you’ll love meditating with it anytime, anywhere.

Adjust for your perfect fit.

Easy to use adustable strap is designed for improved fit and signal quality on a wider variety of head sizes.

Award-winning Biosensor Technology

SmartSense EEG sensors along your forehead and behind your ears passivly sense your brain activity to give you accurate and insightful real-time feedback.

Heart Rate Detection (PPG)

To measure your heart rate Muses uses photoplethysmography (PPG), a non-invasive technology that uses a light source and a photodetector at the surface of skin to measure the volumetric variations of blood circulation.
Muse headband
Track & measure your progress

Feedback Accelerates Learning

After each session, you’ll see how you did through a series of graphs and charts in the Muse meditation app. To help keep you motivated and improving, Muse also gives you points, goals, challenges and bonuses to strive for. With every session you earn points, and can adjust your goal to fit your needs.
Unlock 1000's Of Ways To Muse

Meditations for more calm, sharper focus, better sleep, and more.

Digital sleeping pills

Cue Your Brain To Sleep

Busy days mean busy minds at night & restless sleep. Imagine an intuitive sleep guide that responds to your brain activity, helps you shut off your busy mind & guides you into a restful sleep.

A Muse “Digital Sleeping Pill” or DSP is a responsive new kind of sleep experience that is designed to cue your brain to sleep and help you fall back asleep if you’ve woken up during the night."
EEG-Powered Sleep

Get Your Best Rest

Immersive sleep soundscapes, personalized insights, and forget-it’s there comfort give you the ultimate home sleep support. Experience the next evolution in sleep technology with Muse S.
EEG Sleep Tracking
See how long you’re spending in light, deep, and REM sleep stages each night.
Digital Sleeping Pills
Fall asleep & stay asleep with Digital Sleeping Pills that cue your brain to sleep and wake up with you if you wake during the night.
Personalized Sleep Score
Monitor & improve your overall sleep efficiency through our handy Sleep Score.

Your score will be influenced by the total number of hours you’ve slept, how long you're spending in each sleep stage, how many interruptions you're experiencing each night, and more.
Deep Sleep Insights
Measure the total quantity and intensity of your deep sleep with Deep Sleep Points.

On top of the total time spent in deep sleep, you'll be able to see how deeply your brain rested during deep sleep based on changes in slow-wave (delta-wave) activity.
Position Tracking
Whether you’re a back, side, or front sleeper, experience deep sleep support and learn how to catch your best zzzs through sleep position tracking insights.
Shut Off a Busy mind

Get Lost In An Enchanted Forest Or Underwater World

Explore our responsive sleep experiences designed to help users shut-off their busy minds and prepare for a restful sleep.

Allow yourself to get lost in a rich underwater world, lavender field, or enchanted forest that responds to your mind & body to help you drift off into a restful sleep.
Sleep Journey
Sleep Soundscape
Sleep Guidance

What does your membership include?

Muse S (Gen 2)

Enjoy our most advanced Muse device yet, Muse S (Gen 2) with your membership including replacement bands and access to the latest hardware releases when available.

500+ Guided Meditations

You'll get access to our library of over 500 guided meditations with new content released monthly.

Use Muse With Your Favourite Apps

With Biofeedback+, you can pair your Muse with your favourite meditation apps, music players, audiobooks, and more.

Free Replacement Bands

Included with your membership is access to free replacement bands and access to the latest hardware releases when available.

Advanced Reporting (beta)

After each session you can opt-in to our advanced e-mail reports to give you even more insights on your meditation and sleep results.

Preferred Member Pricing

Members receive 20% off all membership renewals and exclusive discounts on hardcases and accessories.

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Neuroscientist & Neurophysiologist
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
"Since using the Muse I have been able to decrease my sleep latency and increase my REM sleep scores. The Muse S serves as a great device to use with my clients in the NBA and NFL as a travel protocol to decrease the amount of Jet Lag they incur and help with overall sleep optimization. I would recommend this device to anyone wanting to improve their sleep fitness."
W. Christopher Winter, MD, D-ABSM, D-ABIM (sleep), D-ABPN (neurology), F-AASM
Sleep Specialist/Neurologist & Author of The Rested Child and The Sleep Solution
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
“The Digital Sleeping Pill feature Muse has created is an fantastically innovative tool for some individuals who may struggle with sleep. [...] It's fascinating to use the device and feel the sound drift into and out of your awareness as you sleep.”
Monique Billings, WNBA Athlete
American professional basketball player for the Atlanta Dream of the WNBA
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
“I’ve come to realize that meditation is one of the greatest investments that I have been able to pour into myself, and using the Muse products is helping me to level up in my journey of discovering inner peace and my “whoosah”. The real-time feedback let's me know when I’m in the zone and has helped me level up my meditation practice. Taking a second to pause and ground myself daily helps in showing up as the best version of myself on and off the court.”
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